Formatting and Publishing Is A Pain...

As if writing content (that’s well-written, optimized for readers, search engines, and all that shit) isn’t enough of a headache already, you’re also bombarded with the repetitive task of formatting and publishing them!


Exhibit A: You, who has to format 20+ articles 

Unless, you enjoy building niche sites and tinkering with WordPress themes like me, you’ll find the task of formatting and publishing each and every article a boring chore.

But why go through all that trouble though?

We’re here, you know!

Introducing Our Format & Publish Service!

Here’s what you’ll get from our content formatting and publishing service:

  • Proper headings and sub-subheadings.
  • Readability improvement – if you have articles with walls of paragraphs, we break it down into bite-sized pieces of information that’s easily digestible.
  • Custom images – we edit a majority of images on Photoshop and optimize the for web (note: increase speed!) as well.
  •  Keyword density check – if you wish to do so, we can perform keyword density checks on your articles and do the necessary adjustments.
  • Buttons and Tables – for maximum CTR
  • Other Shortcodes – spice up your content with boxes, notes, highlights, and other shortcodes. No one wants a wall of text.
  • On-Page Optimization – other than keyword density, we also optimize your Title and SEO title, meta description, and URL.

Here's How Our Content Looks Like

Plans & Pricing

We always try to offer affordable, but high-quality packages. Choose from the two packages below we’ll take it from there.

Informational & Blog Articles



Up to 1,000 words of content

1 featured image

3 other images

On-page Optimization

+$3 for custom Sidebar

Minimum of 5 articles

Product Reviews & Buying Guides



Up to 3,000 words of content

1 featured image

Custom product images

1 Tablepress comparison table

Buttons & shortcodes included

On-page Optimization

+$3 for Custom Sidebar