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Hi, I'm Yesh

I've only worked in a regular 9-5 for 3 months.

And I've been "working" in my PJs ever since (I put "working" in quotes, because I don't feel like I'm working at all).

I don't set my alarm to wake me up anymore (except for watching League of Legend games at 3am).

And I take siestas in the afternoon. Well, sometimes.

So how did I do it?

I built an online business.


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I Won Some Stuff...

I recently won the 1st The Source Writing Competition. The competition was organized by Outsource Accelerator, the leading BPO Outsourcing Experts in the Philippines.

My article, 'Outsourcing in The Philippines: Your Definitive Guide', was chosen among 75 entries submitted by various BPO professionals nationwide.

My Past And Current Projects

outreach worthy

Outreach Worthy


Outreach Worthy offers high-quality outreach links that boost your rankings and increase your website's traffic. Earn links on genuine sites with organic traffic or get a full refund. Visit Outreach Worthy here.




I co-founded SERPSeeds and currently working as a part-time consultant with the company. We sell the best - and I mean the best - premium affiliate sites in the market. Want to rank within a few weeks? Get our sites.

seo hero course

SEO Hero Course


10 chapters of in-depth affiliate marketing tutorials perfect for beginners. I cover everything I know about ranking niche sites from choosing a niche, right down to the trivial parts like setting up your email hosting.

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